Private Sector Partnership Development Expert Job in Kenya


SoCha is contracted to deliver
the USAID/Kenya and East Africa (KEA) Localization, Inclusion, and
Sustainability Activity (LISA) with the aim of assisting USAID staff and
stakeholders to be more efficient, effective, transparent, inclusive, and
skilled in achieving development outcomes. To achieve this, LISA seeks to
enhance USAID/KEA’s organizational project design; programming; Monitoring,
Evaluation, and Learning (MEL) practices; diversity, equity, inclusion, and
accessibility (DEIA) objectives, and mission-wide localization efforts by
elevating local voices and co-developing and co-creating USAID/KEA programs
with local partners, including marginalized populations, girls and women, and

Activity Background

SoCha is seeking a individual
consultant or a consulting firm to support USAID/KEA’s Health Population and
Nutrition Office  to develop a comprehensive pipeline of private sector
partners/companies contributing to the advancement of market-based approaches
and enterprise-driven development in the provision of health services within
the HPN core areas such as HIV/AIDS services, tuberculosis, malaria, access to
maternal and newborn health care, and reproductive health services. This
pipeline will be used by the HPN to consider, develop, and support any type of
collaboration with the private sector that advances the broad objectives of
USAID’s Private Sector Engagement Policy and support the private sector to
advance health care in a manner deemed valuable by the HPN office in Kenya.

Scope of Work

Conduct a thorough analysis to identify private sector
companies actively involved in market-based health service delivery.
Explore companies engaged in local manufacturing, last-mile distribution,
digital-enabled supply chain, and telemedicine.

Develop and populate a knowledge repository framework that
will be used to capture the analysis/review procedures and the findings
and design tools that will be used to collate the information required.

Develop a comprehensive pipeline of potential private sector
partners, providing detailed insights into their capabilities and
contributions to health care services.

Prioritize companies aligned with USAID’s Private Sector
Engagement Policy and the specific objectives of the Health Population and
Nutrition Office (HPN).

Assess the potential for collaborations with private sector
partners, focusing on their ability to advance health care objectives.

Collaborate with the USAID/LISA Strategic Information
Specialist to develop a database/ data visualization platform detailing
profiles for each identified private sector partner, highlighting their
strengths, areas of expertise, and potential contributions to the
enhancement of health services.

Design, plan and facilitate select stakeholder engagements to
validate mapping results, gather additional insights.

Provide strategic insights on the anticipated value and
impact of potential collaborations to guide decision-making within the HPN

Provide weekly updates to the HPN office on progress,
challenges, and opportunities encountered in building the private sector
partnership pipeline.

Develop final reports, offering a comprehensive overview of
the entire process with recommendations and with support from LISA
Strategic Communications Advisor develop knowledge products for
dissemination of knowledge from this exercise ( PPT, PDF Summaries).

Minimum Qualifications and Experience

Education: Consultant or Technical lead (if applying as a firm) should
have a Master’s Degree in Marketing Research, Business Analytics, with
industry specific expertise such in Public Health or Health Economics; OR,
a Master’s Degree in Public Health or Health Economics, and health related
courses with proven expertise in Marketing Research, Business Analytics,
or related areas of expertise.

Substantial professional experience in private sector
engagement, partnership development, and project management, preferably
within the health sector.

Familiarity with market-based approaches, digital health,
enterprise-driven development, and the specific health services outlined
in the scope of work.

Strong research and analytical skills to identify and
evaluate potential private sector partners.

Excellent communication and collaboration skills to
facilitate engagements with stakeholders and potential partners.

Understanding of USAID’s Private Sector Engagement policy,
guidelines, and structures.

Familiarity with USAID health related priorities.

Period of Performance

30 LOE days  (January –
February 2024).


Nairobi, Kenya.

How to Apply

To submit your application,
kindly click the link below.

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