Human Capital Advisor Job in Kenya

 Job Title: Human
Capital Advisor

Hiring Organization: Root
Location – Locality: Nairobi
Location – Region: Kenya
Industry: Agriculture
Job Type: Full
Salary: KES
Date Posted: 01/26/2024


Capital invests in the growth of agricultural businesses so they can transform
rural communities. These companies buy crops such as coffee, cocoa, or
macadamia nuts from smallholder farmers. With growth, they become impact
drivers that can increase incomes, create jobs, empower women and youth,
maintain peace, and preserve vulnerable ecosystems.

provide these companies with vital resources: access to capital, business and
technical partners, financial training, and conservation practices. We work in
geographies that are difficult to serve where others do not. To date, we have
distributed $1.5 billion to improve the lives of more than ten million people
in farming communities.

twenty years of experience providing financing to small agricultural
businesses, Root Capital has learned that sometimes credit alone does not help
them grow and strengthen. Therefore, in addition to access to capital, it
offers financial, agronomic, business intelligence, climate resilience, and
gender and youth training and advice in difficult-to-serve geographies.
Companies that receive our advisory services learn how to implement best
business and financial practices for smart growth and continued success. We use
a practical and participatory learning methodology, since our objective is for
the company’s staff to acquire new knowledge and skills and be able to
implement them in the short term.

in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA, Root Capital currently has partner offices in
Costa Rica, Kenya, Mexico, Nicaragua and Peru. Root Capital’s clients are
located in more than 10 countries across Mexico and Central America, South
America, East and West Africa, as well as Southeast Asia.


Train and
advise agricultural cooperatives and agribusiness enterprises on human resource
(HR) management (HR policies and processes) to define sustainable people
changes. Set up systems and processes for recruitment and onboarding,
retainment and promotion, performance appraisals/ reviews, development and
implementation of workplace policies, compensation and benefits administration,
and overall organization design.

Consultancy Deliverables

Carry out
organizational diagnostics that include measuring business performance in
various management areas, in particular organizational capacity, human resource
management, and related systems.

strengths, weaknesses, and potential development opportunities to influence
client work plans in regard to human capital

reports and write responsive recommendations based on diagnostic results and
develop a customized human capital training plan with clients.

advisory and training services to clients, in line with Root Capital
methodology, on topics including, but not limited to: human resource
management, systems and processes for recruitment and onboarding, retention and
promotion, performance appraisals/reviews, workplace policies, organizational
structure, employee training and professional development, compensation and
benefits administration, employee communication and relations.

Set up
systems that support culture and behavioural change.

records of training participants, evaluate training results, and prepare
activity reports.

workplace business management and gender equity action plans, document and
validate strategies used, and advise clients on implementation

activities carried out with clients (using digital data collection tools and
Excel) and preparing monthly activity reports.

reports with key impact information, including results, challenges, lessons
learned, customer success stories, and photographs.

innovation through contributions to the development and piloting of new
instruments, methodologies, and training tools.

and effectively integrate gender-inclusive approaches and gender mainstreaming
best practices to ensure that women equitably participate in and benefit from
the services provided by our clients and the training done by the advisor and,
more broadly, promote gender equity within our clients.

identify, and strengthen areas where there are linkages between human capital
and gender specifically focusing on women and career development. This may
encompass training gaps and needs including interpersonal skills, benefits
including leave, flexible working hours, facilities such as nursing rooms and
day care facilities, and policies on equal pay for equal work day, equal
opportunities etc.

Note: You
must be willing to conduct consulting services (individually with a single
client or multi-client workshops) online/remotely and in person .


degree, preferably in studies related to Human resource management, Social
Sciences, Business Administration or related field.

of HR best practices and prior experience in all functional areas of human
resources (compensation and benefits, talent acquisition, employee relations,
performance management, compliance etc.).

in people and organizational change capabilities with a focus on

years of experience training and/or working with business development in rural
agricultural areas and/or with agribusiness and/or cooperatives.

and application of participatory training, adult learning, and facilitation

of MS Office Suite, Google Apps, and Zoom.

organizational planning and management skills, ability to meet deadlines.

writing skills and ability to prepare reports or other documents as needed

and commitment to gender equality

to travel and work in different parts of the country.

to manage your work independently with a high degree of responsibility.


Human Resource Professional (CHRP) qualifications

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